Forms and Prescriptions

Renewal of Prescriptions:
All prescriptions and authorizations for renewal should be requested via the portal or by phone after 9:00am during regular office hours. Please include in your request details of prescription (exact name and dose, directions and amount requested).

Please note: Prescriptions for stimulant medications for Attention Deficit Disorder cannot be called to your pharmacy. These prescriptions can be picked up from our office or sent in the mail. If mailed, 7 to 10 days notice is needed. Children with Attention Deficit Disorder need follow-up office visits every 3 months.

Please bring your filled out School/Camp forms and allow two weeks for us to complete them. We will happily mail back the forms to you or you can pick them up from our office. The fee for filling out routine forms is $10-$20 each. In order to complete the forms, the child has to have a well-child care visit within a year.

Download Friendship Pediatrics Forms:

Patient Consent Form/Notice of Privacy: This form is a consent form and a patient authorization form for new patients only.
Patient Registration Form.
Authorization Form: This form is an authorization to consent to medical care of a minor when legal guardian or parent is unable to bring patient to appointment.

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