Influenza Vaccines:  Flu season October to April 

The flu vaccine is recommended for all patients from 6 months of age to adult. Flu vaccines are available now. Due to new CDC recommendations, Flumist will not be offered this year (2017-2018).

Fall is the time to think about winter and INFLUENZA. The 2017-2018 quadrivalent vaccine provides protection against 4 strains. The AAP recommends that all children over 6 months be immunized. Furthermore the CDC recommends Flu vaccines for all adults. This is especially important for children under 2 years old, those at high risk for complications from influenza (asthma, diabetes, neurologic, cardiac and immunologic problems) and their families. Children under 6 months are too young to receive the vaccine. They will be partially protected if all their household contacts are vaccinated. Children under 9 years old who receive the vaccine for the first time will need 2 doses, one month apart.

The flu vaccine should be administered from now through the winter. Please contact us to arrange a nurse appointment. If you are in the office for a well-­child visit, we can administer the vaccine then. We will be able to vaccinate parents in order to facilitate optimal protection as long as our supplies last.

We are requiring prescheduled appointments to try to minimize waiting time. Vaccinations will be given on a first come, first serve basis. It is important that you keep your scheduled appointment or call to cancel, as the time slots are limited. If you do not cancel, there will be a $15 no show fee. Doctors will not be available to examine patients during flu vaccine clinic.

Tdap Vaccine Recommendation for Parents and Grandparents of Newborns:

The Advisory Committee for Immunization Practices (ACIP) has recommended the household contacts of newborns get the Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis) vaccine to protect the baby from pertussis (whooping cough).

This recommendation includes grandparents as well as parents. Mothers can get the vaccine in the second half of pregnancy which would give the fetus some of the mother's antibodies or she can get it after the baby is delivered. Siblings who are up to date on their vaccines are already protected against pertussis.

If adult family members can't get the vaccine at their physician's office, we would be willing to do it here.

Vaccine Updates

HPV 9 Vaccine:

Most adolescents 9 through 14 years of age should get HPV vaccine as a two-dose series with the doses separated by 6-12 months. People who start HPV vaccination at 15 years of age and older should get the vaccine as a three-dose series with the second dose given 1-2 months after the first dose and the third dose given 6 months after the first dose.

Special Announcement: Flu Walk-in Clinic Only

Great News! We're receiving Flu vaccine shipments even earlier than last year and we're ready to get your family vaccinated. Flu vaccine for our patients will be submitted to their active insurance policy.

Please be prepared to present your insurance card at check-in.

No appointments necessary